I John 2:18-19

1 John 2:18-19, “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us.”

John once again is relating to his readers in the familial of a father to his children, his little children, in other words, the babes in the Lord, particularly those who have been newly born-again. As with all children even in the natural, children are particularly susceptible to the influence of those who claim to have some authority and John is especially keen on pointing out the importance of staying aware when it comes to the truth and especially the truth concerning the Word of God.

He again, as he often does, reminds them of the coming Antichrist and that even before the Antichrist that will precede Christ’s return there would be and will be many other antichrists that appear claiming to either be or have ties to the messiah.

Now, we have to understand something about time itself as we read what the beloved Apostle wrote over two-thousand years ago. Many would say, and especially doubters, that things have been no different since John addressed this issue and nothing has changed, BUT, here is confirmation as the Apostle Peter addressed it:

2 Peter 3:3-4, knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.”

2 Peter 3:8, But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
9 The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

While I’m at it, I want to clear something up that I have reiterated time and again over the years. The Apostles and Disciples wrote as inspired by the Holy Ghost, but they wrote in a way that still took into consideration the time they lived and with the common knowledge they had. When Peter stated in the eighth verse that “one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day,” he was speaking an inspired spiritual principle and not a mathematical fact! Too many Christians today, believe this principle to be a literal statement concerning time concerning the Lord and that is sadly narrow-minded thinking and especially with the increased knowledge (that the Prophet Daniel predicted) that we have today. The principle that Peter was making was that time has absolutely no meaning to the Lord. He could have stated that one million years was as one day, but people in his time had a harder time comprehending that and yet the readers of Peter’s day, fully understood the implication that Peter was putting forth. To confirm this, another instance, again concerning Peter, is found in Matthew 18:21-22, “Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.”

In this instance Peter thinking he was being more pious than the Pharisees asked about forgiving seven times since the Pharisees believed you only HAD to forgive three times. Jesus was CLEARLY stating a spiritual principle that you forgive a person as often as they need to be forgiven, yet even today in this day and age, there are those who believe that 7 times 70, or 490 times is an actual limit to forgiveness. No, I am NOT exaggerating for I actually served under a pastor that preached that. I am here to tell you, that after hearing that in a sermon and trying to talk with him, I no longer served at that church, yet NO ONE else questioned or wondered about his message on forgiveness.

Remember this important fact; the Holy Spirit inspired men of old to write down the Words that we have in the Bible, BUT, the Holy Spirit ALSO quickens our hearts and minds to the TRUTH when we read and meditate on that Word!

So back to the statement that John is making concerning it being the last hour, we can look at the spiritual principle here and realize that even as Christ Jesus hung on the Cross (if not before), the countdown to the Last Days had begun and the enemy of our souls KNEW it!! Remember, our Heavenly Father, God Almighty, reveals things to His children from the perspective of Eternity, for He Himself is Eternal, without a beginning or an end. He created us in His image, meaning we did have a beginning because of being created, but we have His eternal nature due to the breath of His Spirit within each of us!! We need to open our minds and get past this confining aspect we call time and realize that in God’s plans and within His will, time has no meaning and everything WILL unfold according to His perfect plan!

Remember also, John is only confirming what Christ Jesus Himself prophesied and stated; Matthew 24:23-26, “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand. Therefore if they say to you, ‘Look, He is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it.”

The Apostle then goes on to tell the “little children” how to tell, or how to discern, the true from the false, the true Christians, or disciples of Christ from the antichrists. He wants them to walk with awareness AND understanding. These antichrists are false teachers professing and propagating a false gospel. Just like their father, the devil, they may lace or sprinkle bits of truth throughout their messages, but these “truths” are taken out of context or twisted to make it more appealing to those hearing. To the discerning Christian, the true followers and disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, these false teachers are the proof that the time of Christ’s return IS drawing nearer!

John is sharing some sage advice with the readers and signaling out to the younger converts that you will know them because “they went out from us, but they were not of us.” These were those who PROFESSED to be Christians, but separated themselves from the teachings of the Apostles and of Christ. John is telling the reader to not be fooled; they may dress like you, say all the right things and may blend in perfectly, but their hearts and thus their FRUIT will give them away. A prime example of this was Judas Iscariot. He walked with Jesus, seen the same miracles that transpired within their midst, heard the exact same message and deceived all the disciples EXCEPT Jesus, Himself. I am sure, Judas was center-most on John’s mind when he wrote these words.

The Bible describes this as apostasy; a turning away from what a person knows to be true and rejecting that truth and going back from the light into darkness. The Bible tells us that in the last days, apostasy will be on the increase! Now there are some that do NOT believe in this apostasy, for they say there is no way, once someone knows and walks in the truth that they can go back into a sinful life, rejecting the gift they were given. BUT, they cannot explain Scripturally the fact that apostasy WILL and IS to this day taking place.

Let me be very clear in this; if your theory doesn’t line up with the WHOLE Bible, it is not the Bible and it is not the translation that is wrong, it is your theory and you must adapt your “theory” to fit what the Bible says is true!

Here is the simple explanation of apostasy, and it ties in with repentance. Repentance is a 180 degree turn from the false towards the truth or the darkness towards the light. It is being remorseful and sorrowful in the recognition that you have sinned and are turning from a life of sin to a life of forgiveness in Christ Jesus. Apostasy is just the opposite of that. Apostasy is rejecting a life of forgiveness in Christ Jesus and willingly CHOOSING to walk back into a life of sin. It is rejecting the light to go back into darkness, etcetera!

What makes this so hard for Christians to comprehend and understand is that in their own hearts, they would NEVER consider doing something like this or comprehend how someone even could; BUT – the Bible says it does and will happen and much more as the Day of the Lord’s return approaches!

The beloved Apostle in his explanation showed and confirmed this to be true. “For if they had been of us, they would have continued with us.” John is looking back in reflection and letting his readers know that, he was aware of them being false because they did not continue with not just the disciples, but the disciples and Jesus’ teachings. As it happened during the early church, there were many that used, just like is happening today, bits and pieces of the Scripture, most of the time out of context to confirm a point they were trying to make. The best way to deceive someone is to give them a sprinkling of truth mixed in with something that is pleasing to hear and yet totally out of context with the Word of God. Those who are young in the spirit are the most susceptible and this is why John addresses them specifically!

Now here’s a point that John is making; it is not that we are saved by the actions of enduring to the end, but rather those who DO endure to the end are truly saved or born-again. This may seem like I was being redundant but in actuality look at it from the aspects of works versus faith. If enduring is works, that is NOT what saves me by itself, but if enduring is unto the end is in faith, than it proves that I have been truly saved.

I want to share with you another spiritual principle in what John concluded in verse 19, “but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us.” As PROOF that they were not of us, not true disciples of Christ, not true Christians, “they went out that they might be made manifest.” In other words that they might be shown for what they really are, false prophets, antichrists in heart and spirit! These people didn’t think in their own minds, “we shall separate ourselves from the disciples to show the world we’re false.” No, but the spirit within them CAUSED them to fulfill the prophecies of Christ Jesus concerning the false antichrists! Their own deception has caused them to be “found out” or manifest despite the fact that they try to deceive by TRYING to pretend to be something they are not. John states emphatically, this is the proof you need as a young disciple or young Christian that “none of them were of us.”

Now I know I have brought this up a lot in the past and I will continue to bring this up. These very false teachers and antichrists would tell you that to follow these guidelines today is judging and you have to right to judge. That’s the great thing about the English language and why other cultures find it so hard to learn at times. The words we have in Matthew 7 which is the chapter most used to tell others not to judge, uses the word in the first part of the chapter and it means just what people say we are NOT to do. We are not to condemn or sentence to death or damnation anyone, first because only Christ Jesus Himself has the authority and the ability to judge a person’s heart.

Sadly, everyone is willing to finish the chapter at the 14th verse and completely ignore what the Lord then goes on to tell His disciples what to do beginning with the beginning of the 15th verse! You see, in the first 14 verses, Jesus is talking about how we deal with our brothers and sisters and that we don’t have a right to judge those who are TRULY our brothers and sisters! In the last part of the chapter though, He tells us in no uncertain terms to beware, to be wary, and how to DISCERN the false from the true, the deceivers from the real, etc. He lets us know in no uncertain terms that NOT everyone who says all the right religious things or does all the right religious works are going to make it to the Kingdom of God because, and here’s the point, they never had a RELATIONSHIP with Him!! Why is that so important? Because without the relationship with Christ Jesus who is the BRANCH, we are supposed to be the vines would produce no fruit! There would be NOTHING to prove we are His! He KNOWS who are His, make no doubt and He commands us to be discerning, judging, concerning those who say they are His and are truly not!

The next time someone tells you that you do not have the right to judge, make sure they are speaking within the right context for even John, the writer of this Epistle later on says, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” — 1 John 4:1. You see, the Bible will NEVER contradict itself and when there is something we SHOULD be doing or be aware of, it will always confirm that within other Scriptures!

Next post we will begin with 1 John chapter 2 verse 20.

*Unless otherwise noted, Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
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Secret Sins

I am ready to post a new segment of my 1 John Expository Teaching and I believe the timing was perfect for the Holy Spirit led me to Wendy L. Macdonald’s blog, a Sister in Christ whose ministry encompasses not just amazing poetry, but inspirational teaching as well as an inspirational podcast. This article Secret Sins, firmly, yet lovingly addresses some of the things that ALL Christians face and are sometimes either taught to ignore, or to not take too seriously. ANY sin is abhorrent to God as our Heavenly Father, but we have the assurance that IF we recognize that sin and confess it, His GRACE will ALWAYS be applied mercifully! Please click on the link or the picture below to go to Wendy’s site to read her post!

Secret Sins by Wendy L. Macdonald

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Confess To God

I have been following this Sister in Christ’s poetry on Facebook for quite a while now and as so many of you know, I love inspirational poetry though I have no talent to write it myself. I was able to get in touch with Sister Wendy L. Macdonald and she has graciously allowed me to post some of her poetry from time to time! I pray that YOU will be blessed by her Biblical inspiration as much as I am! Also, she is a FANTASTIC inspirational writer as well, visit her website for so much more of her inspiration!

Each time we confess to God

The failings in our hearts

He forgives and wipes away sins

To give us a fresh start

Each time we come to God

And praise His Holy Name

He fills our hearts with joy

Day after day.

~ wlm ~

Confessing even the “smallest” sins brings us the biggest blessings of joy. No sin is small in the eyes of a Holy God. No sin is too big for God to forgive. What a gracious God we serve.

© Wendy L. Macdonald Used with permission.
Wendy L. Macdonald Facebook Page
Wendy L. Macdonald WordPress Blog

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But, I Am Not a Prophet

Here is another GREAT message from the Mario Murillo ministry that we NEED to as the Body of Christ to take seriously. Please pray along with me for the things this Minister is revealing! You do NOT have to agree 100% all the time with any preacher, BUT you better KNOW the mind and heart of God, if you choose to ignore the obvious warnings of the Holy Spirit!!

Mario Murillo Ministries

No, I am not a prophet. I am something else. God ordered me to warn the American churches of an impending disaster—to rebuke rampant immorality, the sin of abandoning the Word of God, and political hypocrisy. God ordered me to expose the tyranny of the Left and wake up as many drowsy Christians as possible.

Ironically, few criticized me when I preached against gang violence, poverty, heroin, and crystal meth. But they attack me for exposing the worst gang and the most addictive narcotic: Leftist Socialism.

But I am not a prophet! Amos said, “I am not really one of the prophets. I do not come from a family of prophets. I am just a herdsman and a fruit picker. But the Lord took me from caring for the flocks and told me, “Go and prophesy to my people Israel.”” -Amos 7:14

I was just minding my own business, winning souls…

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Taking Jesus Seriously?

John 3:16-18 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”

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Happy & Joyous Father’s Day

I have been told often, believe it or not, that I spiritualize too much or over spiritualize everything. My reply has always been the same. I politely answer the person telling me this (and sometimes it has been Pastors), “that when you practice making your walk with the Lord Jesus, led by His Holy Spirit, a part of your lifestyle, you start to see the spiritual in everything around you. Sometimes you see the enemy of your soul, the god of this world at work, and sometimes you see the handiwork of the Lord and His Spirit at work. This is called DISCERNMENT and when you practice this Gift of the Holy Spirit, given to every believer, you become better able to see the spiritual in everything around you.”

Father’s Day is a day when we normally honor our earthly Fathers, and yet I couldn’t help but think, with everything going on in the world today, what if, when we honored our earthly Fathers, we gave great Thanks and Praise first of all to our Heavenly Father for which there would be no Fathers to begin with.

The Bible is full of Scripture showing us how to honor our Heavenly Father but for this day, I want to just give you a few. I hope that you will “spiritualize” this day when you think of your earthly Fathers and give God Almighty, our Heavenly Father some just praise as well!

Deuteronomy 32:6b, “….Is He not your Father, who bought you? Has He not made you and established you?”

Isaiah 63:15-16, “Look down from heaven, And see from Your habitation, holy and glorious. Where are Your zeal and Your strength, The yearning of Your heart and Your mercies toward me? Are they restrained? Doubtless You are our Father, Though Abraham was ignorant of us, And Israel does not acknowledge us. You, O LORD, are our Father; Our Redeemer from Everlasting is Your name.”

Isaiah 64:8, “But now, O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.”

Malachi 2:10a, “Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? ….”

Romans 8:15-17, “For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs–heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.”

1 Corinthians 8:5-6, “For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as there are many gods and many lords), yet for us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we for Him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and through whom we live.”

Ephesians 4:4-6, “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.”

1 Peter 1:17-19, “And if you call on the Father, who without partiality judges according to each one’s work, conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay here in fear; knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.”

1 John 5:7, “For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one.”

And in closing:

John 14:
6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
7 “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.”
8 Philip said to Him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.”
9 Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?
10 “Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority; but the Father who dwells in Me does the works.
11 “Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me, or else believe Me for the sake of the works themselves.


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Healing Ancient Wounds

I found this through another Brother in Christ who is like me, loves inspirational Poetry but doesn’t have that creative spark. Enjoy this and please, visit Sister Amy’s site for more inspiration!

A New Life


Lord, how do we get around all of that?

How do we turn away from anger and wrath?

Feelings and pain that run so deep

Tossing us through nights of no sleep

Ancient wounds scraped open time and time again.

Memories relived, taking us back from within

Remorse for not getting past this pain years ago

Makes a heart feel tossed to and fro

Rising above them and ourselves can be the only way

And remembering what the Almighty has to say

Love thy Lord with all thy heart

First is where we all must start

Harder yet still is the toughest asked of you and me

To love others the way we want them to love us openly

Can we do this? Can we succeed?

To kneel down in prayer for our enemy and intercede…?


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More About Moses

Q: Where is medicine first mentioned in the Bible?
A: When God gave Moses two tablets.

Q: Which servant of Jehovah was the most flagrant lawbreaker in the Bible?
A: Moses, because he broke all 10 commandments at once.

The Jews are camped in front of the Red Sea. They see the Egyptian chariots approaching. Moses turns to his PR man.

Moses – “Nu, where are those boats you got us?”

PR Guy – “Boats? You didn’t say nothing ’bout no boats.”

Moses – “So what do you want I should do? Part the waters and we can all just walk across?”

PR Guy – “If you can swing that, I’ll get you your own chapter in the Bible!”

And The Rest Is History!

A boy was sitting on a park bench with one hand resting on an open Bible. He was loudly exclaiming his praise to God. “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! God is great!” he yelled without worrying whether anyone heard him or not.

Shortly after, along came a man who had recently completed some studies at a local university. Feeling himself very enlightened in the ways of truth and very eager to show this enlightenment, he asked the boy about the source of his joy.

“Hey” asked the boy in return with a bright laugh, “Don’t you have any idea what God is able to do? I just read that God opened up the waves of the Red Sea and led the whole nation of Israel right through the middle.”

The enlightened man laughed lightly, sat down next to the boy and began to try to open his eyes to the “realities” of the miracles of the Bible. “That can all be very easily explained. Modern scholarship has shown that the Red Sea in that area was only 10-inches deep at that time. It was no problem for the Israelites to wade across.”

The boy was stumped. His eyes wandered from the man back to the Bible laying open in his lap. The man, content that he had enlightened a poor, naive young person to the finer points of scientific insight, turned to go. Scarcely had he taken two steps when the boy began to rejoice and praise louder than before. The man turned to ask the reason for this resumed jubilation.

“Wow!” Exclaimed the boy happily, “God is greater than I thought! Not only did He lead the whole nation of Israel through the Red Sea, He topped it off by drowning the whole Egyptian army in 10 inches of water!

As Moses and the children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea, the children of Israel began to complain to Moses of how thirsty they were after walking so far. Unfortunately, they were not able to drink from the walls of water on either side of them, as they were made up of salt-water.

Then, a fish from that wall of water told Moses that he and his family heard the complaints of the people, but that they through their own gills could remove the salt from the water and force it out of their mouths like a fresh water fountain for the Israelites to drink from as they walked by.

Moses accepted this kindly fish’s offer. But before the fish and his family began to help, they told Moses they had a demand. They and their descendants had to be always present at the Seder meal that would be established to commemorate the Exodus, since they had a part in the story. When Moses agreed to this, he gave them their name which remains how they are known to this very day, for he said to them, “Go Filter Fish!”

Don’t forget, “A laugh a day, keeps the doctors away!” — Proverbs 17:22

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Continuing in 1 John Teaching

After several months of obeying the Lord’s command to “Be still and know that I am God,” concerning the goings on in the world and the spiritual I have resumed writing my Expository Teaching on 1 John, as I know it has been months since my last posting. Have one ready to go and will post it in a day or so while working on the continuing teaching.

Okay, okay, I’m not really WRITING, with a pen and paper, too archaic, but you know, with the computer!! Ha!!

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Faith Ends Worry

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